Fresh fruits and juice isolated on white background


The Crafty Kitchen has a range of homemade produce for sale:

Jams – different flavours depending on time of year and produce available.

Curds – made from citrus fruit NOT from the island.

Bottled Fruit – depending on what is available.

Chutneys – again depending on what produce is available.

Fruit Vinegars – made with local fruit and white wine vinegar. Flavours depend on availability of fruit. Ideal for salad dressings, refreshing drinks etc. Very good for sore throats, chest infections and immune system support. Rich in Vitamin C plus the anti-bacterial properties linked to use of vinegar.

It is intended that in the future most of the fruit used in the items above will be grown in the garden here at Glas Chalaidhean.

Flavoured gin liqueurs are also created but until the relevant licences have been obtained, these can be tasted but not purchased.


WATER: Glas Chalaidhean is on the mains water supply. As such there is a constant flow of refreshing Scottish water available for you to drink. Bring your own re-useable water bottles to be topped up as often as you would like.

NUTRITION: All produce used in any meal preparation is fresh, local (either to the islands or mainland Scotland) and organic where possible.  Any fish served is caught and processed locally as is the meat, bred and slaughtered locally too. Meals are simple, traditional and nourishing. Fresh whole fruit is available daily.

ACTIVITY: Mull is ideal for a range of activities; from the very energetic cycling, sea kayaking, and Monroe bagging, to the slower paced bird watching, otter spotting and beach combing, with plenty of choices in between.

RELAXATION: Spa treatments, beauty treatments, loch fishing and Hebridean music complemented by warm comfortable beds will ensure you go home relaxed and ready to meet your world head on.

Glas Chalaidhean is ideally situated for all these activities to be accessed quite easily. Information is available on line or the Tourist Information points on the island.