Welcome to Glas Chalaidhean, the home of the Crafty Kitchen on Mull

At the time of writing Mull is fully open to visitors, HOWEVER the SARS virus COVID 19 in its various forms is still on the increase, especially with those who are vulnerable.

So during your stay, we will be maintaining a social distance of 2 metres wherever possible. Our normal service has been re configured to make this possible.

Please use the hand sanitiser by the front door each time you come in and wash your hands for at least 20 secs as often as is necessary. There is an automatic soap dispenser in your bathroom and a Santising Pack (as recommended by AirBnB) containing hand soap, anti-bacterial surface cleaner, alcohol based sanitiser, disposable gloves and a spare mask (should you need one), for you to use during your stay.

You don’t need to wear a mask in the house unless you choose to, but others living here may choose to wear theirs.

The Scottish Government is recommending people make use of the Lateral Flow Tests on a regular basis. Residents at Glas Chalaidhean are tested weekly.

You are not responsible for sanitizing any other areas in the house only the space you occupy during your stay. On the day of your departure please leave the bedroom and bathroom windows open whatever the weather.

You will need your face mask in order to enter the shops on Mull. Many are still only allowing a set number of people in at a time, this provides a wonderful opportunity to stand awhile as you queue to gaze around and fully appreciate the beauty of the island.

There is not the infrastructure on the island to cope with an outbreak of Covid, so appreciate these measures may no longer be in place on the mainland.

Enjoy your stay, keep yourself safe and as a result, you will be keeping others safe too.

Pam Wisher June 2021